Photizo LED Light Therapy


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Photizo® LED Light Therapy can help:

  • If an injury to your horse is stopping you riding or competing
  • If you have an animal with impaired healing of a wound or an injury is taking a long time to heal
  • If your working dog, racing or agility dog may have an injury or appears to have stiffness or pain after exercise
  • If your animal has a long term degenerative condition and you are looking for an alternative proven natural pain relief treatment
Photizo® LED Light Therapy is a non-invasive treatment tool for numerous acute and chronic conditions, aids faster healing and provides natural pain relief.

Ideal for use on:
  • Canine and Equine Athletes
  • Working Animals
  • Companion pets and horses with chronic/degenerative conditions
The choice of Photizo® devices are:   

The new affordable Photizo® Vetcare device provides effective red light therapy treatment to safely treat all domestic pets, dogs, cats, horses and large livestock.  Highly recommended and hired by Vets and Animal Therapists for use between professional treatments sessions.  BUY NOW FOR ONLY £249.99

Photizo® Veterinary Professional

A Professional and Home use light therapy device for use on animals with a range of 6 different evidence-based dosages. Photizo® Professional has the option of two sizes of probes offering different treatment surface areas.  

Call us and our experienced and friendly customer service team will answer any queries you may have and recommend the Photizo® product best for you.

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