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Photizo LED Light Therapy


Is your pet in need of healing a wound or injury faster or suffering with chronic pain?

Is an injury to your horse stopping you riding? 

Do you prefer to use the best non-invasive proven treatment or alternative long term pain relief for your pet or horse?

Then Ph
otizo® Red Light Therapy can be the solution.  

Used and highly recommended by vets, animal therapists and professional riders across the world, 
Photizo® red light therapy provides an effective dose of red and infrared light for any animal owner or carer to use.  In some cases it has shown to increase the rate of healing by up to 60% faster.  The great advantage of Photizo®  red light therapy is it can be used by anyone to treat an animal suffering from an injury, chronic or acute condition to provide a full course of red light therapy to achieve the fastest results. 

Photizo® provides one-touch,  pre-programmed, evidence-based dosages of red and infrared light that penetrate the skin to stimulate energy production in cells and other metabolic processes in targeted areas of the body.  Photizo® stimulates cells to repair, heal, reduce swelling and inflammation and provide drug-free pain relief. 

The choice of 
 Photizo®  devices are:   

Photizo® Vetcare
The new affordable Photizo® Vetcare provides effective red light therapy treatment to safely treat all domestic pets, dogs, cats, horses and large livestock.  


Photizo® Professional
A series of Professional and Home use light therapy devices with a range of 6 different evidence-based dosages. Photizo® Professional has the option of two sizes of probes offering different treatment surface areas.  

Our experienced and friendly customer service team will answer any queries you may have and recommend the Photizo® product best for you.

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